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Loonfeather ShelterCarlisle Wortman and Associates, Ypsilanti Township's planning consultants, are hoping to gather letters of support for a grant application they're preparing for Loonfeather Point Park. The project will include:

  • Rehabilitation of the two park pavilions and gateway building
  • Rehabilitation or replacement of the bathroom facilities
  • Resurfacing and regrading of pathways to ensure ADA compliance, and installation of a new pathway connecting the pavilions and new playground equipment
  • Shoreline stabilization on the western side of the park
  • Creation of a new rain garden to help control stormwater runoff from the parking area and bathroom

Loonfeather Point Park Public Hearing Presentation

Resolution 2019-10


Letters of support are needed from residents and/or organizations, churches, schools, community groups, etc.

Loonfeather ParkLetters should support the grant application of Ypsilanti Township improvements to Loonfeather Point Park. Please include experiences in park, why you use it, how you use it, why you like going to Loonfeather Point Park, etc.

Letters will be accepted through August.


Please send letters to:

Chris Nordstom of Carlisle Wortman
117 N. First St. Ste. 70
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Letters should address the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Grants Coordinator (PO Box 30425 Lansing, MI 48909).

Carlisle Wortman and Associates will compile the letters for submission with the grant application.

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