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Loonfeather SignLoonfeather Point Park will be closed starting Friday, July 23, 2021 in advance of mobilization and construction related to an upcoming renovation project at the park. The project is slated to take the remainder of the year.

Renovations included are rehabilitation of an existing pathway and construction of a new concrete pathway to meet ADA requirements, installation of a new rain garden, ADA seating areas, rehabilitation to the existing gatehouse, rehabilitation of two existing pavilions and rehabilitation of the existing restroom building.


WRRMA RecycleYpsilanti Township is part of the WRRMA (Washtenaw Regional Resource Management Authority) community! WRRMA is working to improve recycling in single-family homes through education on what is and isn’t recyclable, increasing participation in recycling programs, and increasing the quality of recycling through direct resident feedback. This program will take place in Ypsilanti Township from mid-June to mid-August.

Ypsilanti Township Update: Please remember that plastic bags are not acceptable recycling material. This would include grocery/convenient store plastic bags or any bags labeled with a recycling logo on it. These bags are all considered trash items. We have noticed an increase of plastic bags being placed in recycling carts. Plastic bags are a safety concern for employees. Employees sort recyclables by hand and are in direct contact with every piece of material that is delivered to the recycle facility. When plastic bags are mixed in with the acceptable recyclable materials, the bags entwine in the equipment.

Thank you for taking the time to recycle the correct items. If you have questions, please review unacceptable recycling items from your 2021 Helpful Handbook, view our web page Ypsilanti Township Curbside Recycling Rules for Collection or contact Residential Services at or (734) 484 - 0073.

DTE Gas Renewal West WillowDTE has dedicated resources to the Gas Renewal Program (GRP) to modernize their natural gas infrastructure by renewing gas mains, service lines and upgrading natural gas meters. Renewing mains and service lines with updated materials will further improve the safety and reliability of the natural gas system.

These upgrades will be happening in the West Willow neighborhood of Ypsilanti Township.

Dog ParkDuring development of both our Recreation Master Plan and comprehensive Master Plans, you told us that there is strong demand for development of a dog park in our community. Our dog park steering committee looked at several possible locations for a park, and have narrowed it down to three locations: Ford Heritage Park, Ford Lake Park, and Lakeside Park.


Over the coming months, we will be asking you to help us select the final destination for the park and determine how you would like the park to be developed. The goal is to have a plan available for design and construction in late fall, 2021.


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