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WRRMA Recycling Quality Improvement Program

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WRRMA RecycleYpsilanti Township is part of the WRRMA (Washtenaw Regional Resource Management Authority) community! WRRMA is working to improve recycling in single-family homes through education on what is and isn’t recyclable, increasing participation in recycling programs, and increasing the quality of recycling through direct resident feedback.


WRRMA will be conducting a Recycling Quality Improvement program. Representatives will be in Ypsilanti Township from mid-June to mid-August on recycling days to glance at recycling containers. If there’s something in a recycling cart or bin that doesn’t belong there (oops!) they’ll leave behind a tag (yellow/orange) with feedback about how you can fix it. If it happens again, the recycling cart or bin will not be collected. Another tag (red) will note what needs to be removed from for it to be picked up on the next collection date.

A hotline number is listed on each tag to answer questions and address concerns during this program: (734) 222-3920.


If you want help determining if an item is recyclable, you can use the Waste Wizard Recycling Search at wrrma.org. The search also shows where to bring harder-to-recycle items that aren’t taken curbside.

Ypsilanti Township Curbside Recycling Rules for Collection


Contaminants can spoil other materials in the recycling truck or cause fires and other issues in processing centers. Items like hoses and plastic bags tangle in machinery, causing safety hazards. Cleaner recycling will help ensure the materials you recycle are ultimately recycled.


Program Timeline

Week of June 11th: Residents will start receiving postcards in the mail introducing the program.
June 11th – 18th: Audit at Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) of total community recycling. The goal of this audit is to set a baseline level of recycling contamination.
June 21st – August 13th: Cart-to-cart review of recyclable materials and tagging. Each single-family home will receive four checks total.
After August 13th: Final audit of total recyclable materials at the MRF to determine the level of change in contamination. WRRMA will release results after the program in mid-September at wrrma.org.


Michigan is investing in both local recycling systems and manufacturers who use recycled materials. This program is funded by a grant from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy and The Recycling Partnership.


Ypsilanti Township Update: Please remember that plastic bags are not acceptable recycling material. This would include grocery/convenient store plastic bags or any bags labeled with a recycling logo on it. These bags are all considered trash items. We have noticed an increase of plastic bags being placed in recycling carts. Plastic bags are a safety concern for employees. Employees sort recyclables by hand and are in direct contact with every piece of material that is delivered to the recycle facility. When plastic bags are mixed in with the acceptable recyclable materials, the bags entwine in the equipment.

Thank you for taking the time to recycle the correct items. If you have questions, please review unacceptable recycling items from your 2021 Helpful Handbook, view our web page Ypsilanti Township Curbside Recycling Rules for Collection or contact Residential Services at or (734) 484 - 0073.


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