Residents in single family homes have been issued a 95-gallon trash toter cart, included in the Waste Management (WM) contract.

Contact Waste Management: (866) 797-9018
Use the online chat feature on the website or email at: 


Can I use my own can and opt out of the trash toter cart provided by Ypsilanti Township/Waste Management?

No. The truck will lift WM toter carts only. This leads to a more efficient and cost-effective process for both parties. 

What if I have more trash?

If you have additional trash bags, please contact Waste Management at 866-797-9018 to process a payment of $3 per bag on your credit card. Trash tags are no longer sold at Township offices. You may also contact Waste Management to rent an additional 95-gallon toter cart for $6.65 each, per month; billed yearly.

Can I buy an extra 95-gallon toter cart from Waste Management?

No. Extra carts can only be rented.  

Can I request a smaller toter cart from Waste Management?

Yes. Call Waste Management at 866-797-9018 to request a smaller toter cart. They will arrange drop off of the smaller toter cart and pick up of the 96-gallon toter cart. There is a one-time delivery fee of $25.

Will my trash day change on holidays?

Check the Waste Management Holiday Schedule for any trash or recycle service changes due to holidays.

Where can I store my carts?

Per ordinance, trash cans must be stored on the side or in the back of the home. You can find this language in Chapter 50 of our Municode; "Solid waste containers must be stored at the rear or side of a structure."

If you are a part of a HOA, please contact your HOA to make sure you are in compliance with their rules as well.

How do I position my cart on the curb?

Place the cart to the roadway with the bottom bar and serial numbers facing the road. This is how the machine picks up the trash toter cart.

What if my trash toter cart gets damaged?

Contact Waste Management at 866-797-9018 to request a replacement.

Can I exchange the trash toter cart for a recycling cart?

No. The trash toter cart is mandatory and must be used for trash collection only.

How do I rent a 95-gallon recycling cart?

If you would like to rent a 95-gallon recycling toter cart contact Waste Management at 866-797-9018. Cost is $4.16 per month; billed yearly.

How do I dispose of bulk items?

Residents are entitled to one bulk item each week, however, you must contact Waste Management 48 hours in advance of your trash day to schedule collection.

What is considered a bulk item?

Bulk Collection

How many bulk items can I have out per week?

Residents are entitled to one bulk item each week, free of charge. If you have additional items you can contact WM and pay by phone. 

Will there be double up days?

No. Our contractor now operates single staffed, compressed natural gas, grapple trucks that grab the carts therefore, there is not an extra worker riding on the back to take bags or cans.

How do I receive notifications on updates or changes that happen in the Township including late trash, yard waste, or recycling collection?

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