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Washtenaw County Road Commission

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Road Sign GraphicThe Wasthenaw County Road Commission is responsible for the repair, maintenance and snow removal of our road system within Ypsilanti Township.

WCRC maintains approximately 1,649 miles of certified roads in the county road system; out of those miles, 770 miles are gravel roads. There are 11 bridges and more than 2,000 culverts. WCRC is also contracted by the Michigan Department of Transportation to maintain approximately 580 miles of State Trunkline. All primary (590 miles) and local (1,059 miles) public roads in Washtenaw County that are outside the cities and villages are maintained by WCRC crews.

The WCRC Board meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm (unless otherwise noted in the schedule). The meetings are held in the Boardroom at the main facility (555 N Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor). A complete Board packet will be posted on the WCRC website by 5:00pm on the Friday before the next scheduled Board meeting.


WCRC Duties

Snow Removal, Salting, Sanding

Road/Bridge Construction, Repair, Maintenance


Surface Treatments (pavement overlays, sealcoats, chip & crack sealing)

Gravel Road Maintenance (grading, berming, dust control)

Pavement Markings

Road Signage Maintenance

Guard Rail Repairs

Ensuring Steady Traffic Patterns (sign & signal maintenance)

Controlling Roadside Vegetation (mowing, brush cutting, tree removal)

Roadside Ditch/Storm Drainage Maintenance

WCRC Services


Contact Washtenaw County Road Commission at (734) 761 - 1500 or via email at .

To report a road EMERGENCY, please contact (734) 761 - 1500.



You can report any road issues (potholes, dead trees in the right-of-way (area between the sidewalk and street), road signs knocked down or missing, traffic signals that are out or timing that needs adjusting, or speed bump installation) using the WCRC Fix It Online Form.

You can also use the Washtenaw County Road Commission "WCRC Fix It" app on your phone. Just go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for "Washtenaw County Road Commission". The app also has a button to call directly if you don't want to type in the road issue.


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