Did you know that everyday items in our homes can be hazardous? It’s true! Paint, polishes, fertilizers and others can be hazardous to all of us if disposed of improperly. Instead of the trash or down the drain, bring your home toxics to the Washtenaw County Home Toxics Collection Center.

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Turning Trash Into Treasure: Recycle Guide 


Help us protect the environment by using these simple tips:

Buy only the amount of product you need

Use pump sprays instead of aerosol cans

Use the entire product for its intended use; donate unused portions

Use non-toxic alternatives

The items listed are not accepted at the curb, but may be disposed of free of charge for Washtenaw County Residents. 

Acceptable Items

Acids, Adhesive, Glue (solvent based)

Aerosols, Antifreeze, Artist/Hobby Paint

Asphalt, Roofing Tar

Automotive Fluids (antifreeze, oil, gasoline, transmission, brake or power steering fluid, etc.)

Batteries (Visit earth911.com to find where you can recycle rechargeable batteries)

Butane/Propane Tanks

Car Batteries

Cell Phones

Cleaners, Polishes (oven, furniture)

Degreaser, Diesel Fuel

Drain Cleaners, Lye

Fabric Dye, Fertilizer (with weed killer)

Fire Extinguishers

Flammables (gasoline, kerosene, starting fluids, gasoline/motor oil mix)

Floor Wax, Stripper

Fluorescent Tubes, Bulbs (CFL's, u-shaped tubes, tubes 4' in length)

Home Repair Products (glue, caulk)

Mercury (thermometers, thermostats)

Metal Cleaner

Monoxide Detectors


Muriatic Acid

Nail Polish, Remover

Oils (motor, cooking)

Paint, Oil-Based (paint or primer with/without lead)

Paint, Latex (accepted in liquid form only)

Paint Thinners, Removers, Solvents, Varnishes

Pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, DDT, chlordane, etc.)

Pet Care Products

Photography Chemicals

Pool Chemicals

Rat/Rodent Poison

Rust Remover

Sharps, Syringes, Needles (in proper container; sealed and labeled)

Smoke detectors

Wood Preservatives

Unacceptable Items


Business Waste

Compost/Yard Waste

Empty Containers

Electronic waste (TVs, computers, appliances)

Freon Appliances

Incandescent Bulbs


Medical Waste (gauze, linen)


Radioactive Materials