If you have a civil infraction traffic citation that has not yet defaulted, you may be eligible to submit your citation for online review. Your citation will be reviewed to see if it meets the criteria for eligibility.


If your citation qualifies, it will be sent to the issuing agency (Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department or Michigan State Police) for review to determine if that agency is willing to amend your citation to a no point citation. This process occurs entirely online and there will be no need for a court appearance if your request is granted. If the issuing agency determines that it will amend your citation to a no point citation it is then forwarded to the court for judicial review and approval.

Once approved by the Judge or Magistrate you will be notified that your citation was eligible and the amended charge was approved.


If your citation is not deemed eligible or you choose not to participate in this program, the original citation will stand and all of the options you had to pay or contest the citation remain intact subject to the time requirements of a civil infraction default judgment.


14B District Court Online Ticket Review