For more information, please visit Section 2103 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Private pools shall be permitted as an accessory use within the rear yard only, provided they meet the following requirements:

  • There shall be a minimum distance of not less than ten (10) feet between the adjoining property line or alley right-of-way and the outside of the pool wall. Side yard setbacks shall apply to side yards if greater than ten (10) feet.
  • There shall be a distance of not less than four (4) feet between the outside pool wall and any building located on the same lot.
  • No swimming pool shall be located less than 35 feet from any front lot line.
  • No swimming pool shall be located closer than one (1) foot from any recorded easement.
  • For the protection of the general public, all yards containing swimming pools shall be completely enclosed be a fence not less than four (4) feet in height. The gates shall be of a self-closing and latching type, with the latch on the inside of the gate, not readily available for children to open. Gates shall be capable of being securely locked when the pool is not in use for extended periods. However if the entire premises of the residence is enclosed, or if the pool wall is four (4) feet in height or higher, with retractable steps and a self-locking top, then this provision may be waived by the building inspector upon inspection and approval.
  • All electrical installations or wiring in connection with swimming pools shall conform to the provision of the National Electrical Code. If service drops conductors of (or) other utility wires cross under or over a proposed pool area, the applicant shall make satisfactory arrangements with the utility involved for the relocation thereof before a permit shall be issued for the construction of a swimming pool.
  • No portion of a swimming pool or associated structure shall be permitted to encroach upon any easement or right-of-way which has been granted for public utility use.

Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Guidelines

A permit for a pool requires a Building Permit Application found on the Building Permits, Applications, & Forms page.