Below is the process for creating a Special Assessment District for the installation of streetlights.

1. Send a letter to Heather Jarrell Roe, Ypsilanti Township Clerk, requesting streetlights to be installed. Be specific, indicating street name and addresses involved. i.e., from 1200 E. Clark to 1400 E. Clark.

2. Once the letter is received, the Clerk's Office will send a letter to the Assessing Department, requesting a petition packet be prepared, with homeowners' names and addresses already listed on petition, to help the circulator.

3. When the Clerk's Office receives the petition packet, they will forward it to the person requesting the petition.

4. The person requesting the petition is then able to collect signatures. There must be at least 51% of all property owners (not renters) signing. Completed petitions must be sent back or dropped off to the Township Clerk's Office.

5. The Clerk's Office will have the Assessing Department verify property owner's signatures.

6. If 51% of the area is verified, Detroit Edison will do a layout of where streetlights will be installed.

7. A public hearing will be scheduled. Each resident is notified via 1st class mail of the public hearing, as well as the cost and layout for streetlights.

8. The public hearing is held.

9. The Township Board of Trustees votes on the Special Assessment District.

10. Streetlights are installed.

11. The Special Assessment will go on winter taxes.