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Roundabouts: Yield is Your Shield

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Logo Yield ShieldThe goal of the Washtenaw County Road Commission is to reduce common, non-injury crashes that occur at 18 countywide roundabouts through education.


3 Common Roundabout Mistakes

When approaching a roundabout, it is important to pay attention to traffic signs and pavement markings. Ignoring them can lead to fender benders and land you a traffic citation.


1. Entering a roundabout without yielding to circulating traffic (failure to yield)

Yield signs are posted at a roundabout’s entries to designate the right-of-way. At roundabouts, traffic circulating inside the roundabout always has the right of way.

When approaching a roundabout, slow down, yield to traffic circulating inside the roundabout, stop if necessary and only enter when there is a safe gap in circulating traffic. Never merge into a roundabout assuming others will slow down for you to “fit in”. Always wait for a safe gap to enter.


2. Crossing a lane of traffic to get to your exit

At multi-lane roundabouts (two or more circulating lanes, e.g., State @ Ellsworth), it is important to get into the correct lane before you enter the roundabout.

As you approach a roundabout you will see signage that will instruct you which lane to select. You will also see arrows on the pavement designed to guide you into the correct lane before entering.

Turning from the wrong lane from within a roundabout disrupts the flow of traffic, and can cause a side-swipe collision.

If you enter the roundabout in the incorrect lane, exitthe roundabout from the lane you selected, make a legal turn around, and re-enter the roundabout in the correct lane.


3. Unnecessarily stopping inside the roundabout

Stopping while circulating inside the roundabout increases your chance of a rear-end collision and disrupts the flow of traffic. Remember, circulating traffic always has the right of way in a roundabout. Only stop inside of the roundabout to avoid a collision.

If an emergency response vehicle has their lights and sirens on, exit the roundabout first and then pull over to the side of the road.


For more about Roundabouts:
Washtenaw County Road Commission
(734) 327 - 6679


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