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Required Residential Inspections

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The approved plans (site copy) must be on site for inspection, otherwise the inspection will not be made and you will be charged a $45 re-inspection fee.

1. Footings - All required reinforcement bar must be in place at time of footing inspection. Minimum 12" wide footings, minimum 42" deep.
Note: A Notarized statement by the contractor or engineer must be submitted at time of footing inspection, stating that the foundation has been placed in substantial compliance with the approved site plan.

2. Mid-wall - If vertical re-enforcement is required in wall.

3. Backfill - Minimum 2" pea stone under minimum 4" drain-tile, with minimum 6" pea stone over the top of the drain-tile. Also after any required damp-proofing or water-proofing has been installed.

4. Basement Slab - Minimum 4" granular fill, 6 mil poly, and prep. for radon system.

5. Garage Slab - Minimum 4" granular fill.

6. Rough - After all rough trade inspections have been approved.

7. Brick Flashing - Before the installation of masonry veneer and after the installation of base course flashing.

8. Insulation - Installed per mfg. instructions.

9. Drywall - Call prior to mudding. Minimum 1 screw in the field with glue on walls and minimum 2 screws in the field with glue on ceilings.

10. Final Building - After all final trade inspections have been approved. Provide insulation certificate.

11. Final Grade - Provide final as-built grade certificate.

12. Stabilization - After grass growth, or after bond is posted. See Township policy on temp C of O.


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