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The Hydro Dam Station has developed a Recreation Plan to enhance and maintain recreation amenities within the project boundaries. The plan includes the existing Ford Lake Park and required new amenities to be added to North Hydro Park. Parks are open to all members of the public without discrimination.


Ford-Lake-View-1Ford Lake

Ford Lake's water surface area is 975 acres and is normally maintained within +/-.25ft. of 684.60ft. with a maximum depth of 30 feet. The fishery is characterized by good numbers of a wide variety of sportfish species. Two fishing highlights are bluegills and walleyes. Both species exhibit growth rates well above the Michigan average. Angling opportunities include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, catfish, white bass, perch, pike, bullhead and crappies as well as others.

Ford Lake Water Depths


Tuttle-BridgeIn the summer of 1885 Tuttle bridge was built over the Huron River before it became Ford Lake at Tuttle Hill Rd. The bridge was 110 feet long and 16 feet wide. The bridge remained in use until the 1930's when the Ford Lake Dam was built to provide hydroelectric power for manufacturing plants of the Ford Motor Company. The water of the Huron River was backed up behind the dam and covered Tuttle Bridge. As time passed, ice pused the bridge onto its side and there it lies today about 25 feet under water, 50 yards from the shore.



Ford Lake Park - 9075 S. Huron River Dr.Ford-Lake-Sign

This 98 acre gem is our "Signature Park". Located on the south banks of Ford Lake, amenities include a public boat and canoe launch, fishing areas, and more.

Ford Lake Park Details


North Hydro Park- 2599 Bridge Rd.

Located just north of the Ford Lake Dam, this 46 acre "natural" park is nestled on the north shores of the Huron River. Fishing and Canoe launch and a couple of the amenities offered.

North Hydro Park Details


Other parks in the Ford Lake Park System include South Hydro Park, North Bay Park, Loonfeather Point Park, and Lakeside Park. Find more information about these and other Parks in Ypsilanti Township on our Park System page. 


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