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Poverty Exemption

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To be considered for a poverty exemption, the following information must be provided:

Complete all sections of the Hardship Application; application must be legible.
You MUST submit a completed and signed copy of the following:

2017 Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim (MI 1040 CR)
2017 Federal Income Tax Return (1040), if you are required to file federal income tax.
2017 Federal Income Tax Return (1040) for all other occupants of your home.

If an occupant of your home is not employed but has income from another source, you must show the income in “Annual Income” on the application.
If you completed the section of the application indicating you have major or unusual out-of-pocket expenses, you must provide copies of documents verifying these expenses; This does not include everyday living expenses.

The Supervisor and Board of Review will consider assets (cash, automobiles, recreation vehicles, etc.), when determining eligibility. The value of assets that exceed 50% of the household income will be added to the applicant’s income to determine eligibility. The applicant’s primary residence shall not be considered when applying an asset test. Usual household goods are not considered. Automobile leases will be considered by determining the value of the lease.

Do not submit originals of supporting documentation as we must keep these for our records and cannot return them.

2018 Income Limits - Poverty Exemption

Poverty Exemption Resolution 2018-02


Poverty Exmeption Application Instructions

Poverty Exemption Application


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