Zoning Map FullThe Planning & Zoning Department assists residents and developers with permits and development proposals to ensure projects meet township standards and requirements in the Zoning Ordinance and are consistent with the township’s future vision in the Master Plan. The Planning & Zoning Department provides expertise and information to elected officials, appointed boards and commissions, Township departments and citizens to assist in understanding and addressing key community issues and priorities. The department promotes and maintains a clean, healthy and safe community through education, cooperation and enforcement of our property maintenance, zoning, nuisance abatement and rental inspection codes.

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Township Zoning Ordinance

Article 1 - Short Title 
Article 2 - Definitions 
Article 3 - Admin
Article 4 - District Regulations
Article 5 - Form Based Districts 
Article 6 - PUD
Article 7 - Dev Options
Article 8 - General Provisions
Article 9 - Site Plan Review
Article 10 - Special Land Use
Article 11 - Specific Provisions 
Article 12 - Access, Parking, and Loading
Article 13 - Site Design Standards 
Article 14 - Environmental Standards 
Article 15 - Signs
Article 16 - Noncomformities 
Article 17 - Zoning Board of Appeals
Article 18 - Amendments
Article 19 - Enforcement