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The requirements are subject to the review of the building official, building inspector, mechanical inspector, plumbing inspector, electrical inspector, and zoning administrator. For new detached single-family dwellings, the following information shall be submitted for review:

  • Three (3) copies of structural plans are needed (One (1) will be retained for department files, one (1) will be kept on site, and one (1) for Assessing Department).
  • At the building official’s discretion, some approved sets of plans will be copied to a CD, at the applicant’s expense, and must be returned to the Office of Community Standards prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Plot Plan and Grading Plan: The plot plan drawing in accordance with an accurate boundary line survey showing, to scale, the size and location of all the new construction and all existing structures on the site and distances from lot lines. The plot plan shall also show the established street grades, proposed structures, existing structures, sidewalk and easement for final grades and elevations at each lot corner and at all other grade points. The proposed finish earth grades of the house and the finish earth grades of houses on adjacent lots must be shown. For more information, please visit Section 5.41 and 5.42 of the Engineering Standards & Design Specifications. Before a Certificate of Occupancy is released, a grading certificate (as-built) under Section 5.43 of the Engineering Standards & Design Specifications will be required from the grading engineer or land surveyor.
  • Floodplains, Wetlands, Easements: These areas must be reflected on the plot plan and their distances from any structures on the lot or parcel. For more information, please visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Map Service Center to “confirm floodway zone areas” in Ypsilanti Township. The Office of Community Standards indicates if there are possible wetlands on the property; however, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality must be contacted for wetland determinations.
  • Health Permit for Septic Tank and Well: For more information, please contact the Washtenaw County Health Department.
  • Public Water and Sewer Tap Application: Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA).
  • Driveway Approach Permit: Washtenaw County Road Commission.
  • Proof of Ownership: Tax bill, print out verification from Assessing Department, deed, land contract in addition to a statement from owner stating no objections to the erection of a residence on this land.
  • New Split: Please make sure that this division is recorded with the Assessing Department and submit a copy of said recorded split to the Office of Community Standards.
  • Pre-manufactured/Modular Built Homes: A certificate of approval must be submitted from the State Construction Code or Department of HUD if the home is “pre-manufactured/modular” built.

Required Residential Inspections


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