The Master Plan is a general statement of the Township's goals and policies and provides a single, comprehensive view of the community's wishes for the future. A sound Master Plan helps ensure a logical development pattern that will result in a highly desirable community in which to live, work and recreate. The plan includes recommendations for land use, residential densities, transportation improvements, community facilities and preservation of natural features. A plan allows residents, business owners and developers to make investments with a reasonable expectation of what will happen in the future. In essence, the plan represents a balance between the sometimes competing interests of the environment, individual land owners, and the community overall. Municipalities in Michigan are required by law to have a valid master plan.  Ypsilanti Township adopted the current Master Plan in 2020.


Ypsilanti Township Master Plan 2020

Ypsilanti Township Placemaking Plan for Ecorse Road & East Michigan Avenue

Parks & Recreation Master Plan Adopted

Washtenaw County's 2014 Reimagine Washtenaw Corridor Improvement Study Summary

Washtenaw County's 2015 Housing Affordability and Economic Equity Analysis

Non-Motorized Master Plan Draft