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Land Division Application Process, Policy & Procedures

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Land Division Application Process

Each Applicant will need to provide the following information:

1. Proof of ownership.

2. Proof that it is a parent parcel or has not exceeded the maximum number of resulting parcels for the acreage. Any unrecorded deeds or land contracts must be supplied.

3. If this is a preliminary application, a copy of the division, drawn to scale, must be supplied along with copies of the descriptions. If a final application, a copy of a certified survey and a copy of the new descriptions must be supplied showing parcel widths, parcel depths, parcel lines, public utility easements, and accessibility. If an existing house, survey must show which parcel house is located on and where located on that parcel.

a. Each resulting parcel smaller than 10 acres must have a depth of not more than four times the width (except remaining parcel)
b. Each parcel has width and an area not less than that required by the municipal land division ordinance.
c. Each resulting parcel is accessible (from road).

4. Division meets all Sec. 108 requirements (# of resulting parcels allowed for size of land). (Copy attached)

5. Each parcel that is development site must have the following:

a. Adequate public utility easements from the parcel to existing utility facilities.

6. Fees for divisions: Division Fees and Review Fees

There is no fee for the division/combine application of platted lots unless it involves the division/combine of a partial lot. Then a fee of $25.00 for review and a fee of $25.00 per lot will be charged.

Metes and Bounds:

One to four divisions $100 for review and $25 for each resulting parcel

Five divisions and over $200 for review and $25 for each resulting parcel

Subdivisions & Condominiums:

100 lots or less $300 Included
101 lots and over $500 Planning Fee

7. Application must be filled out in its entirety and signed by the owner and future owners, if applicable. Application must include a Certificate from the Washtenaw County Treasurer that all back taxes are paid. See Land Division Tax Certificate below.

8. Application will be approved or denied within 45 days from submission when complete paperwork has been received.


Land Division Policy & Procedures

All land transactions that involve the division of land within the Charter Township of Ypsilanti must now be approved by the Township before they may be consummated. This approval process is a result of various amendments to the Subdivision Control Act of 1967, PA 288, 1967, C.L. 560.101 et al (the "ACT"), now known as the Land Division Act P.A. 591 of 1996 introduced sweeping changes into law and became effective on March 31, 1997.



Local approval is required whenever a parcel or tract of unplatted land is divided and the division creates at least one (1) parcel (a "resulting parcel") which is less than 40 acres or the equivalent in size. Qualification as a "division" means that the land may be divided without the necessity of preparing and filing a plat. Approval of a division does not imply or signify compliance with other ordinances or regulations of the Charter Township of Ypsilanti.

The Charter Township of Ypsilanti also requires approval whenever a parcel or tract of land is combined and is required under a separate application.



A. All preliminary division or combine applications must be submitted to the Assessor's Office with a copy of the drawings, to scale, and new descriptions.

B. Division application is date stamped by the Assessor's Office and will be processed for preliminary approval/denial. The forty-five (45) day time limit is waived.

C. Final division process must be completed before any building permit(s) are issued.



A. Preliminary division process may be eliminated if the applicant wishes to go directly to the final division process.

B. A certified survey and new legal description for each resulting parcel must be received. If there is a change of ownership, legal documents must be provided verifying the change.

C. Completed division applications for the final division process must be date stamped by the Assessor's Office and will be processed for final approval/denial within 45 days of receipt.

A complete application includes:

  • Application signed by ALL owners
  • Survey and legal description of ALL new parcels
  • Payment of fees
  • Certificate from Washtenaw County Treasurer that taxes are paid (see Land Division Tax Certificate below)
  • Principle Residence Exemption forms for new parcels if applicable



To assure that a division will appear on the following year assessment roll, the final certified survey, new descriptions, and paperwork must be submitted by December 31 of each year. Division received after December 31 of any year will not have the assurance of being placed in the upcoming assessment roll. All current taxes must be paid no later than February 1st in order to be placed in the upcoming assessment roll.

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