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Summary of Helpful Tips: How to Ride the Bus

How to Board the Bus

Before boarding, wait at the nearest bus stop or sign. More than one route may be running on some streets; check the number and destination of the bus. Raise your arm to signal the driver you want to board. If you do not want to board, step back and wave the driver on so they may continue their route without stopping. Have your fare, pass or ID ready when boarding.

How to Ride the Bus in the Winter

During severe weather situations, find out if your bus is running on schedule by visiting theRide.org or calling (734) 996 - 0400. TheRide's maintenance crews clear snow from sheltered stops where 50 or more passengers board daily. If your stop has not been cleared, please wait at the nearest cleared area such as a driveway. Signal the driver by raising your arm without waving. Some routes may be detoured due to weather conditions.