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For more information, please visit Section 2103 of the Zoning Ordinance.

The following are requirements for a garage/carport:

  • Garages and carports that are attached to a dwelling shall meet the setbacks of the district. It shall be separated from a dwelling by a 0.75 hour firewall extending to the roof boards of the garage or breezeway or the entire interior of the garage shall be fireproofed. Minimum fire-proofing shall be half (0.5) inch gypsum board.
  • Doorsills between private attached garages and adjacent interior spaces shall be raised not less than four (4) inches above the garage floor. The door from the garage to the interior of the dwelling shall be 1.75 inch solid core wood door or 1.75 inch solid or honeycomb core steel door.
  • When living quarters are located above a private garage, a one (1) hour fire separation assembly is required.
  • Unattached garages without windows or other openings in the abutting sides may be located within five (5) feet of lot lines. Walls containing openings shall be located six (6) feet from the lot lines. On walls located less than six (6) feet from lot lines they must be drywalled with 5/8 inch type ā€œxā€ gypsum board.
  • No garage or carport shall extend beyond the front building line. All unattached garages are to be located a minimum of ten (10) feet from the dwelling. If closer than ten (10) feet to the dwelling, half (0.5) inch gypsum board will be required for fireproofing on the ceiling and side adjacent to the residence. All garages shall be anchored to the foundations or slab with half (0.5) inch anchor bolts set in concrete a minimum of eight (8) inches or into block a minimum of fifteen (15) inches. Anchors shall be six (6) feet to center, located within one (1) foot from all corners, and have a minimum of two (2) anchors per plate with anchors at one (1) foot from each end of each section of plate. Sill sealer shall be installed beneath all bottom plates. All attached garages shall be supported on foundations extending 42 inches below grade level and shall not be less than eight (8) inches wide for frame walls and not less than ten (10) inches wide for eight (8) inch block or brick veneer walls.
  • Unattached framed garages not to exceed ten (10) feet in height or 400 square feet in size may be erected on solid concrete slabs at least 42 inches deep by one (1) foot wide (All outbuildings exceeding 100 square feet). Engineered floating slabs are also acceptable.
  • If straps are used in place of anchor bolts, they must be BOCA approved and installed as per the manufacturer specifications. Typically they are embedded into concrete eight (8) inches and into block a minimum of fifteen (15) inches, located within one (1) foot from corners, and a minimum of two (2) per plate and within one (1) foot from each end of section of plate. Straps must be spaced at a minimum of three (3) feet on center, unless the manufacturer specs show otherwise.
  • All trenches shall be reasonably straight and in line with the exterior perimeter of the building.
  • All grass and sod must be removed before slab is poured and a minimum of four (4) inches of backfill sand must be provided. This must be mechanically compacted and inspected before pouring concrete. If attached to living quarters a vapor barrier of six (6) mil visqueen must be placed under slab.
  • Garage framing up to sixteen (16) feet wide can be spaced at two (2) feet on center; garage framing exceeding sixteen (16) feet must be sixteen (16) inches on center with a single bottom plate and double top plates (Utility grade framing members shall not be used).
  • Corner posts must be three (3) two (2) inch by four (4) inch studs braced in each direction with not less than a one (1) inch by four (4) inch let into the studs, and/or plywood or OSB board.
  • Roof sheathing shall be half (0.5) inch plywood with clops or 7/16 inch OSB. Roof covering shall be seal down shingles and class ā€œcā€ or better. Iceguard and #15 felt must be installed under shingles. Ventilation is required: 1/150.
  • All small service doors shall be framed the same as house framing and have doorframe and sill, trim and stops. Doors shall have butt-hinges set in edge of door.
  • All wood siding shall be double nailed.
  • All windows shall have frames, sill, trim, and stops.
  • All concrete shall be a minimum of five (5) bag mix.
  • If the roof pitch is 4:12 or above than it must be three (3) feet from the property line. If it is lower than that it must be eight (8) feet from the property line.

Private Garage Specifications

A permit for a garage or carport requires a Building Permit Application found on the Building Permits, Applications, & Forms page.