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Circa 1950 all members pose with two of the trucks (left). 1958 Fire Fighters pose in front of station on Ecorse Rd. (right).


The Ypsilanti Township Fire Department was started in 1946 and consisted of one Fire Fighter on each shift, which was 24 hours on duty and 24 hours off duty. The Fire Department was housed in Willow Run Village in the same building with the Willow Run Fire Department, which consisted of six men, three on each shift. Ypsilanti Township was the first in this area to start a Fire Department. The only truck and equipment Ypsilanti Township Fire Department had at that time was a Pumper owned by the State of Michigan, which they had loaned to Ypsilanti Township. It carried 150 gallons of water. The truck was a 1941 Ford which was built for use in war. The department made approximately 100 fire calls per year which consisted of dwelling fires and grass fires. Ypsilanti Township Fire Department covered Ypsilanti, Superior and Canton Townships with just one Pumper and two men.

In 1948, two more men were added, one on each shift, which gave the department four men. The Township purchased a new 1948 Ford truck equipped with an American LaFrance body and pump.

In 1950, Ypsilanti Township Fire Department moved from the Willow Run Village to the new Township Hall and Fire Station at 1165 Ecorse Rd. They then started a volunteer Fire Fighter program to assist in helping the regular Fire Fighters on fire calls.

In 1951, Ypsilanti Township added two more men per shift and two more Pumpers.

In 1954, the Township purchased a new High Pressure Volume Combination Pumper. They then turned the state owned Pumper truck back to the State of Michigan.

In 1959, there was a need to expand the department, so a new fire station was built on the west side of the township at Hewitt Rd. at Congress St. This station was staffed with two Fire Fighters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In 1961, a forth station was built at Textile Rd. near Tuttle Hill Rd.

In 1962, another new fire station was built at Holmes Rd. and Harris Rd. on the north end of the Township. Over the same period, new fire trucks were purchased and additional Fire Fighters were hired to staff the trucks and stations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In 1966, the department purchased a Mack Pumper. It was equipped with a 1,000 gallon per minute pump and 500 gallons of water.

In 1967, the Township purchased their first Aerial Ladder Truck. The truck was Mack Aerial Scope with a 75' elevated "bucket" at the end of the tower. It was capable of rescuing several people at a time from the upper floors of our higher buildings. The truck did not have a pump or any water on board. It was housed at Station #2 on Holmes Rd.

Over the next few years, new trucks were purchased, including 1970, 1973, 1975, and 1976 American LaFrance Pumpers. The 1973, 1975 and 1976 were equipped with diesel engines and they were capable of pumping up to 1,250 gallons of water per minute. These trucks were considered a new generation of Pumpers.


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