How can I get a copy of a Fire or EMS report?

Fire reports:

The information in the reports is public information. We will be glad to provide it upon request.

Emergency Medical Reports:

The incident information is public information and will be provided upon request. Any specific patient information is protected as confidential medical information by Federal regulation (HIPPA) and is only available to the actual patient or with a Court ordered Subpoena. You need to contact an attorney to obtain that information.

We will need some information to honor your request:

The Date of the incident.

The Location of the incident (a street address or if it was at an intersection, the two cross roads).

Make the request:

Stop by the Fire Department and provide us with the information.

Send us a letter with the report information requesting a copy of the report to:

Ypsilanti Charter Township

Fire Department

222 S. Ford Blvd.

Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198

Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?

No, we do not for several reasons:

If a Fire Engine is being used to fill a swimming pool, the truck would not available for emergencies.

Access to most pools is difficult and do not allow us to get with in close proximity to the pool.

Fire Trucks pump water at high pressures. Filling a pool quickly with a fire truck can damage the pool costing the homeowner for repairs.

A Fire Truck costs as much as $400,000 and it is not a justifiable use of taxpayer's equipment.

To fill a swimming pool you have some options:

Use your garden hoses. A typical swimming pool will fill within a couple of days, depending on its size.

Call the Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority Water Department. Sometimes they can be of assistance with installing a separate water meter for use with outside water faucets. There is a cost associated with the installation.

Contact Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority: (734) 484 - 4600

How many firefighters are sent to a fire?

The response depends on the type of alarm.

A structure fire would have a minimum of six firefighters on three trucks staffed by two personnel responding from the Township's three stations. Additional resources are available if necessary including other Fire Departments through Mutual Aid and Automatic Aid Agreements, and recalling of off duty Fire Fighters.

Other fires (vehicle, rubbish, etc.) may require four Fire Fighters responding in two trucks.

Medical Emergencies comprise the majority of the responses. Additional resources are sent upon the request of the personnel at the scene. Normally, additional resources are sent to vehicle accidents.

Why do so many fire trucks respond to a fire?

Safety of citizens and Fire Fighters is the primary consideration for response. Responding to structure fires requires many tasks to be accomplished simultaneously. These tasks include one fire officer to command the overall incident (Incident Commander), and one or more to manage specific operations on the scene. Teams of two or more are required to accomplish fire attack, ventilation of the structure, obtain a water supply, operate the vehicles (one for each vehicle pumping water), perform search and rescue of the building, control utilities (gas and electric), and two personnel to standby should the other fire fighters become trapped (this is required by MiOSHA). This is for a single-family residence, as the size of the building increases so does the resource requirement of personnel and apparatus. As you can see, we often have to rely on mutual aid or recalling personnel of off duty Fire Fighters.

Where is the closest fire hydrant to my house?

The Fire Department uses a Computer Aided Dispatch system. The system typically includes information for every address in the township including the location of the fire hydrants that would normally be used for a fire at that address. With over 2,500 fire hydrants it is impossible to list them all. If you call the department, we will look up your address on Computer Aided Dispatch system and locate your closest hydrant.

How is the department paid for?

The Fire Department is funded through a dedicated fire millage levied for Fire Protection. The funds collected from the millage pays for the operations and capital improvements for the department. The residents of the township vote on the millage every few years. At the current millage rate of 3.1068 a homestead exempted house valued at $100,000 is $310.68. That cost includes all of the resources available with the Township Fire Department, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Does the fire department provide animal rescue services?

The answer is sometimes, depending on circumstances. Even though we consider pets and other animals to be very important, our policy is that we will not attempt an animal rescue when it may endanger the Fire Fighters during the rescue. The guideline the Fire Department has adopted is that we will respond to animal entrapments as long as it meets a few general conditions, including:

The animal is not dangerous to the Fire Fighters attempting the rescue.

The animal is not in a position that requires endangering the Fire Fighters during the rescue (for instance in a confined space, on unstable ice or in water that is not accessible from a safe place, or in another position which would be dangerous).

Our resources are available.

We also have some other recourses available to us through professional Animal Rescue services. The department is willing to assist with the rescue within established safety guidelines. The Humane Society of Huron Valley also does some animal rescues. 

Contact Humane Society of Huron Valley: (734) 662 - 5585 EXT 112

Animal control service is provided by the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office and is a statutory responsibility of all Michigan counties.

Contact Animal Control: (734) 994 - 2911