The following items are required by Code and Building Department policy. Requirements may be adjusted at the sole discretion of the Chief Building Official or his designee based on the totality of circumstances in the interest of public safety and future land use commitments.

Demolition requires a Building Permit Application found on the Building Permits, Applications, & Forms page.

The Contractor must sign all demolition permits. The Contractor must be licensed by the State and must provide proof of insurance.

Contractor Information

The contractor must notify YCUA, DTE and any applicable franchise utilities and obtain utility termination releases prior to applying for a permit. Utility releases documenting electricity termination, natural gas cut & cap, and water/sanitary sewer termination shall be presented to the Office of Community Standards.


1. The sanitary sewer must be disconnected and plugged at the front property line using a plug and a concrete encasement around the plug. All work is to be done by the contractor.
2. The water service will be shut off by Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA). The water line shall be cut off completely on the house side of the water stop device.
3. If removal of a section of sidewalk is necessary, the contractor shall replace it.
4. Electricity and natural gas terminations shall be completed by DTE.
5. Excavations for items 1 & 2 above shall not be backfilled until inspected and the Township makes a record of the two service locations.


Once the above is done and the permit is issued, then the contractor may start work.


The demolition shall include the following:
1. Remove ALL buildings completely including primary, accessory and temporary structures.
2. Remove all footings, foundations, basement walls and piers.
3. All debris must be removed from the site. No demolition debris can be buried in the basement or any other place below grade.
4. Clean fill dirt shall be used.
5. The site shall be cleaned and graded for final inspections. The approved graded site shall be seeded to grow quality weed-free grass to stabilize soils on site.
6. Remove all concrete and asphalt walks, retaining walls, driveways, patios, and slabs from the site. This includes parking lots at commercial/industrial property.
7. Soil erosion control measures may need to be installed when near a body of water.
8. Post-demolition conditions: all stored vehicles, equipment and other items shall be removed from the property.
9. All electric service boxes and pedestals situated away from structures shall be properly terminated and removed from the site.
10. At least two (2) inspections shall be required:

a. Open hole
b. Final grade and soil stabilization