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Commercial Plan Review Requirements

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In order to perform a thorough Building Plan Review, the following specifications, drawings and details must be submitted:

Complete signed and sealed architectural plans, structural plans and material specifications of all work. The first page must be stamped by a State of Michigan licensed professional.

A site plan including the following information:

1. Size and location of all new construction and all existing structures on the site.

2. Distances from lot lines.

3. Established street grades and proposed finish grades.


Architectural plans and specifications to include Cover page with:

1. Description of uses and the proposed use group(s) for all portions of the building. The design approach for mixed-uses (as applicable).

2. Proposed type of construction of the building.

3. Fully dimensioned drawings to determine areas and building height.

4. Adequate details and dimensions to evaluate means of egress, including occupant loads for each floor, exit arrangement and sizes, corridors, doors, stairs, etc.

5. Exit signs/means of egress lighting, including power supply.

6. Accessibility provisions.

7. Description and details of proposed special occupancies such as a covered mall, high-rise, mezzanine, atrium, public garage, etc.

8. Adequate details to evaluate fire-resistant construction requirements, including data substantiating required ratings.

9. Details of plastic, insulation, and safety glazing installation.

10. Details of required fire protection systems.

11. Intended occupant load.

12. A complete code summary.


Structural plans, specifications, and engineering details to include:

1. Soils report indicating the soil type and recommended allowable bearing pressure and foundation type.

2. Signed and sealed structural design calculations, which support the member sizes on the drawings.

3. Local design load criteria, including frost depth.

4. Earthquake seismic zone/effective peak acceleration coefficient.

5. Details of foundations and superstructure.

6. Provisions for required special inspections. (List agency)

7. Applicable construction standards and material specifications (i.e., masonry, concrete, wood, steel, etc.).


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