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Collection Boxes Policy

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This Ordinance is intended to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all persons who use collection boxes within the Ypsilanti Township. The intent of this Collection Boxes Ordinance is to regulate outdoor collection boxes in the Township so that they are clean and safe; establish standards for their size and location so they do not create hazards to pedestrians or vehicular traffic; and to prohibit their location in residential areas.

It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit, store, keep or maintain or to permit to be deposited, stored, kept or maintained a collection box on any real property without first obtaining an annual permit issued by the Department. A permit is required for each collection box.

Application for permits required by this ordinance shall be upon forms provided by the Department which shall be signed by an individual who is an officer, director, or member of the entity seeking a permit.

Collection Box Packet

(Collection Box Permit Application, Collection Box Application Submittal Checklist, Collection Box Acknowledgement by Property Owner, Collection Box Ordinance No. 2016-463, Collection Box Security Agreement)


Approved collection bins:
215 Ecorse Road - Midwest Recycling ✓ #0513
315 S. Ford Blvd - Zaman International ✓ #0501
1701 E. Michigan Ave - Midwest Recycling ✓ #0508
1816 Whittaker Rd - Planet Aid ✓ #0517
2040 Whittaker Rd - Planet Aid ✓ #0518
2900 Washtenaw Ave - Planet Aid ✓ #0502
10131 Textile - Golden Recyclers ✓ #0519
1005 E. Michigan Avenue - Golden Recyclers ✓ #0505
1526 Holmes - Golden Recyclers ✓ #0506 and #0507

Review Remove once Mater Procedure is available.

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