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Civic Center w Address

Address Assignment Request

Required, along with requested items, for a new address in the Township. This form is for a single address up to a new subdivision or commercial development.


Application for Building Permit & Plans Examination or Signs Application

For any work to be done on your house, building new structures (commercial or residential), or for signs.


Building Permit Revision Form

This application is necessary when making changes to previously submitted or approved plans and should accompany the revised plan (s).


Change of Use Form

This application is necessary when a change is made to the previously approved building use.


Construction Board of Appeals Application

Application to go before the Construction Board of Appeals.


Contractor Registration

Required to be filled out by new contractors or ones that have had their license expire. New contractors who have never registered before are required to do so in person the first time. A copy of the license and driver's license is also required. Verify a Contractor's License


Drainage Complaint Form

Required for individuals that have a problem with the drainage on their property.


Electrical Permit

Required for any electrical work being performed. This includes air conditioners.


Fire Alarm Permit Application

Required for fire alarm systems for residential, commercial, and industrial structures.


Fire Suppression Permit Application

Required for fire suppression including sprinkler heads and kitchen hood systems.


Homeowner's Affidavit

Required along with the permit application if the homeowner is doing the work themselves. It is recommended that if a homeowner has a contractor doing the work, the contractor pulls the permit. This is a safeguard for the homeowner.


Mechanical Permit

Required for any mechanical work. This includes furnace and air conditioner replacement or installation.


Permission from Adjoining Property Owners

This application is necessary when an installation is being made along an adjourning property line (chain link fence, privacy fence, etc.)


Plumbing Permit

Required for any plumbing work performed. This includes hot water heater replacements.


Zoning Board of Appeals Application

This application is required for individuals wishing to go before the Zoning Board of Appeals. The application, building permit application and a letter explaining reason for request are all required at time of application.


Zoning Permit

Permit for fences, concrete/drives, sheds over 100 square feet.


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