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Brush/Chipping Collection

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Our goal is to provide single-family home residents an efficient maintenance program for the collection and disposal of brush, shrubs, and tree trimmings.

Brush collection occurs bi-weekly on your recycle day.

The Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees has voted to SUSPEND Brush/Chipping Collection effective June 1, 2020 until further notice.


Brush collection for Week A begins week of April 13, 2020 and ends week of October 26, 2020.

Brush collection for Week B begins week of April 6, 2020 and ends week of October 19, 2020.

Curbside Collection Schedule 

2020 Week A Schedule

2020 Week B Schedule


Contact Residential Services: (734) 484-0073 for missed pick-up, questions, or concerns.

Contact Compost Site: (734) 482-6681


Rules for Collection

All items that are acceptable for pick-up according to these rules must be placed at curbside no earlier than 6:00pm on the day before collection and no later than 6:00am on the designated pick up day. Empty containers and/or rejected items must be removed by 6:00am on the day after collection.


Brush must be placed perpendicular to the edge of the public road with cut ends together and pointed towards the road. Curbside must be clear of motor vehicles so township equipment has access.

Only single-family dwellings and duplex-type dwellings apply for Brush/Chipping Collection. Multiple-family dwellings greater than a quadplex unit (i.e. apartments, condominiums. mobile home parks, etc.) or commercial business are NOT eligible.

The service is not provided for entire tree removal or contracted tree removal.


DO NOT bundle.


Residents of residential dwellings in Ypsilanti Township may dispose of brush/branches (free of charge within size limit of less than 1' in diameter) at the Ypsilanti Township Compost Site.


Acceptable: Small stumps less than 2" in diameter or less than 50 pounds with dirt hosed off, tree limbs 2" - 6" in diameter and under 10' in length

Unacceptable: Brush piles exceeding 10' long, 4' high and 4' wide, excessive amounts, entire tree removal, contracted work, commercial business or brush from vacant land or other property, large stumps greater than 2' in diameter, greater than 10' in length, or greater than 50 pounds, material with a trunk larger than 6" in diameter, wood boards, decking, fencing, construction material, dirt, fruit, trash, thorns, vines or poison ivy, etc.

Items less than 2" in diameter will not be collected as brush (See Yard Waste).


If you live in one of the neighborhoods listed below, contact Residential Services to request pick-up 24 hours in advance.

Amberly Grove

Aspen Ridge (all)

Creekside (all)

Greene Farms

Majestic LakesBranch Image


Parkside Preserve W

Partridge Creek

Raymond Meadows



The Preserve

Tremont Park

Whispering Meadows

Whittaker Village

Residents eligible for curbside service are required to place containers at curbside for collection. Curbside refers to that portion of a dedicated public right-of-way adjacent to paved or traveled roadways (including alleys). All items to be picked up under these rules must be placed alongside a public roadway. Waste Management and the Township will not pick-up from private roads. Containers shall be placed in a manner that will not interfere with or endanger the movement of vehicles or pedestrians. When construction work is being performed in the right-of-way, containers shall be placed as close as possible to an access point for the collection vehicle. The contractor shall not be required to pick-up any items that are more than 4' from the edge of the roadway.

Removal of all items as set forth in these rules will be picked up only if they are properly separated and prepared. If material is not properly prepared for removal, Ypsilanti Township or its contracted agent, upon observing a violation of this chapter, may refuse to collect the material. It is then the responsibility of the resident to dispose of the material at his or her own expense within 24 hours. Failure to remove said items from the curb may result in the issuance of a citation per Ypsilanti Township ordinances. Exceptions and variances to the above collection and removal rules are available for residents who are physically incapable to place recyclables, yard waste, or trash at curbside and if no other resident of the same household is capable of carrying these items to the curbside for pick-up. The Township Supervisor or the Environmental Services Director, upon written request, with a physician note may authorize an exception or variance in cases of extreme hardship of practical difficulties. In these instances, special arrangements will be made by Ypsilanti Township or its contracted agent to have collection personnel collect materials.

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