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Basketball Hoops Ordinance

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Code Section 58-1

Basketball hoops are prohibited in public rights-of-way and sidewalks. Violators are responsible for a municipal civil infraction and the basketball hoop may be confiscated from public property.

This ordinance is intended to promote the safety of motorists, pedestrians and basketball players who are in the public right-of-way and public sidewalks by prohibiting the placement of portable or permanent basketball hoops on public sidewalks and public rights-of-way.


Portable basketball hoops are prohibited in the following public places:

On a public sidewalk

On the public right-of-way (grassy area between the sidewalk and curb)

On a public street


A basketball hoop located on a public right-of-way or public sidewalk in violation of the ordinance may be removed by the township or a law enforcement officer.

The Office of Community Standards strives to achieve voluntary compliance with local ordinances. When voluntary compliance is not achieved, enforcement shall be done uniformly in the least intrusive way necessary to achieve compliance.

Ordinance officers will attempt to establish ownership of the basketball hoop and will post a notice at the property and on the apparatus. A device left in the travel portion of a roadway that creates a hazard may be confiscated immediately as a matter of public safety. Whenever appropriate, a warning may be issued requiring removal within 24 hours.


Confiscation & Storage

Devices that are confiscated shall be transported to a designated township storage facility. Devices shall be held for no less than 30 days to allow the owner a reasonable opportunity to contact the Township and make arrangements to claim the device.

Claimed Property

The owner of a confiscated device may claim the device by contacting the Township and making arrangements to pick it up at the owner’s expense during regular business hours. Upon verification of ownership, the device may be released upon reimbursement of the cost of confiscation by a third party vendor. The current cost is $100 and is subject to change.

Unclaimed Property

Devices that are not claimed after 30 days shall be disposed of in an appropriate manner. Disposal may include, but is not limited to, recycling metal components to offset the cost of enforcement.


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