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Fire HQ w Address

Mailbox Address Display Example ImageThe Fire Department makes an effort to respond as efficiently as possible to every emergency. In order for us to locate your address as quickly as possible, we need the numbers on your home or business clearly marked. Keep in mind that when a Fire Truck, Ambulance or Police Car are responding to an incident, we probably only have about 1 second to find and read your address. If the address is hard to read, hidden or not displayed, it could cause a delay in you or your family getting help.

The Township has an ordinance that sets guidelines for properly displaying addresses.

Please keep in mind that if you do need the Fire Department's services, we want to be able to find your dwelling as quickly as possible. Emergencies happen all hours of the day and night. Your assistance in helping us provide top quality and timely service is greatly appreciated.


When displaying addresses PLEASE make sure:

The numbers in your address are at least 4" high and 1" wide.

The numbers are in a color that contrast with the background color to which they are mounted.

The address should be clearly visible from the road, especially from a fire engine that is much higher than the normal automobile.

The address is clearly visible at night.

The address should not be in script such as "Fourteen Twenty Six", this type of address is very difficult to read when traveling down the road at night.

If your address is displayed only on your mailbox, it should clearly display the address on both sides of the post. Sometimes the fire trucks respond from a different direction than the mail carriers.

Make sure all trees and shrubs are trimmed so they do not obscure the address numbers from the road.

The Green address signs available around the area are great. They help us locate your house even faster. They can be placed at the roadside to help speed address identification.


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