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As part of Child Abuse Prevention Month outreach efforts, April 20th has been proclaimed Safe Delivery of Newborns Day throughout the state.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is urging Michigan residents to learn about the Safe Delivery of Newborns Law, and how they can help keep babies safe by promoting awareness of this very important law.


Under the law, a biological parent may legally surrender an infant no more than 72 hours old to an emergency service provider. An emergency service provider is a uniformed or otherwise identified employee or contractor of a hospital, fire department or police station who is inside the building and on duty, or a paramedic or emergency medical technician who responds to a 911 call.


Tragically, newborns have died in situations in which their parents felt a sense of desperation and didnt know how they could safely surrender their babies. "This reminds us of the importance to ensure public awareness of the Safe Delivery law", said Dr. Herman McCall, incoming executive director of the Childrens Services Agency at MDHHS. We urge all citizens to help spread the word about the safe, legal and anonymous option of surrendering an infant who will be placed in a loving adoptive family and given a chance at life.


A communications toolkit and other resource materials are available at michigan.gov/safedelivery to help more people understand the law and how they can help promote awareness in their community.

Since the state law was enacted in 2001, it has helped save 194 infants from being abandoned in unsafe locations.


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