Bee City USA

Bees ImageThe Charter Township of Ypsilanti began the exciting journey toward our Bee City USA designation when the Township Board voted unanimously to certify Resolution 2015-14 on May 19, 2015 in support of our Bee City USA designation application. Ypsilanti Township takes very seriously the fight to stop the decline of our pollinators was thrilled to receive the first Bee City USA Designation in the State of Michigan on June 23, 2015! We hope to lead the way and encourage other Michigan Township’s to adopt these important policies and obtain their designation, as well.


Ypsilanti Township has taken the requirements of the Bee City USA designation one step further and has taken action now by starting our very own apiary. The apiary consists of ten hives and a watering hole. We will also be planting a sunflower meadow at the hives.


The Charter Township of Ypsilanti is excited to begin this exciting journey and work toward protecting our very important pollinators!

Resolution No. 2015 14 Bee City Designation


Bee City Hives

Bee City Hive Up Close

Bee City Hive Up Close