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The Blight Ordinance is designed to prevent, reduce or eliminate certain environmental causes of blight or blighting factors which exist or may exist in the Township in the future.

The following is a summary of uses, structures and activities that have been determined to be causes of blight that contribute to undesirable neighborhoods: Storage of building materials outside of an enclosed structure or fenced area, without a building permit for the property. Storage of accumulated litter, junk, trash, rubbish, refuse, waste materials, garbage, and other debris. Storage of parts of machinery, parts of motor vehicles and unused appliances in the open. Existence of uninhabitable structures due to fire, wind or other natural disasters or physical deterioration. Existence of vacant dwellings, garages or accessory buildings that are not securely locked. Existence of partially completed and abandoned structures. Open parking or storage of any truck, road tractor, semi trailer, coach or bus for a period exceeding 48 hours.

Ypsilanti Township's Code of Ordinances may be viewed using Municode. Municode's website includes a search engine to easily find specific sections.


Environmental Blight

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