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Fence Type Maximum Height (feet)(a)     Minimum Yard Setback (feet)(a)    
  Front Yard Side Yard Rear Yard Front Yard Side Yard Rear Yard
Chain-Link Fence n/a 4' 4' (c) (b) (b)
Living Fence - - - 0' (b) (b)
Ornamental Fence 3.5' 6' 6' 0' (b) (b)
Privacy Fence (c) 6' 6' (c) (b) (b)
Split Rail Fence 3.5' 5' 5' 0' (b) (b)
Industrial Fence (c) 8' 8' 20' (b) (b)
Decorative Wall 2' 4' 4' 0' (b) (b)
Obscuring Wall (c) 6' 6' (c) 5' 5'


(a) All required setbacks for fences and walls shall be measured from the property line or existing street right-of-way line. Height of such fences or walls shall be measured from the grade level to the highest point of the fence or wall.


(b) Fences and walls located within required side and rear yards may be erected on the property line with the submission of written consent from all adjacent property owners or a certified survey verifying the location of lot boundaries.


(c) Fences and walls above 31/2' in height and all chain link fences, privacy fences, and obscuring walls are not permitted within the required front yard of any zoning lot except where otherwise specified herein. On residential corner lots, a chain link fence up to 4' in height or privacy fence up to 6' in height is permitted within a front yard of a side street provided the residences on the adjacent lot and opposing lot also do not front on such side street. Such chain link fence or privacy fence shall not extend beyond the front building line into the front yard of the street that the front of the dwelling faces. On nonresidential lots, a privacy fence or an obscuring wall up to six feet in height shall be permitted within a front yard only where necessary for buffering from adjacent uses and approved on a site plan by the planning commission.


*To review the entire ordinance in relation to fence regulations, please visit Municode.

Review Remove once Master Procedure is available.

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