Homeowner Guidelines


1. If you have a contractor doing work for you make sure they pull a permit BEFORE the work is started. This is a safeguard for you. Make sure that the contractor is “licensed”. If you have questions concerning an advertisement, ask to see a copy of their license. Check with your local Building Department for any outstanding concerns/workmanship regarding your choice of contractor/s.

2. Please find below a general list of repairs/replacements/improvements requiring a “building” permit but is in no way limited to said list:

a. Roofs, (2 layers only allowed)

b. Siding, (new or replacing)

c. Windows/Doors

d. Sheds, (exceeding 100 square feet)

e. Decks, (attached or unattached)

f. Garage/Carport

g. Swimming Pool

h. Fence (if installing/replacing over 6’)

i. Driveway

j. Sewer (new or replaced)

k. Water Heater (new or replaced)

l. Furnace (new or replaced)

m. Air Conditioner (new or replaced)


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