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Accessory buildings and uses, except as otherwise permitted in this ordinance shall be subject to the following regulations:


1. Where the accessory building is structurally attached to a main building, it shall be subject to, and must conform to, all regulations of this ordinance, applicable to main buildings.


2. A building or structure accessory to a residential building shall not be erected in any yard except a rear yard unless otherwise provided for herein.


3. An accessory building shall not occupy not more than 25% of a required rear yard, plus 40% of any non-required rear yard provided that in no instance shall the accessory building exceed the ground floor area of the main building.


4. No detached accessory building shall be located closer than ten feet (10’) to any main building nor shall it be located loser than three feet (3’) to any side or rear lot line. A structure built of noncombustible product may be located closer than ten feet (10’) to the main building at the discretion of the building official.


In those instances where the rear lot line is continuous with an alley right-of way, the accessory building shall not be closer than one foot (1’) to such rear lot line. In no instance shall an accessory building be located within a dedicated easement right-of-way.


5. No detached accessory building in R-1 through R—5, RM-1 through RM-4, OS-1, B-1 and P-1 districts shall exceed one story or 14’ in height unless otherwise provided for herein.


Accessory buildings in all other districts may be constructed to equal the permitted maximum height of structures in said districts, subject to board of appeals review and approval if the building exceeds one story or 14’ in height.


6. When an accessory building is located on a corner lot, the side lot line of which is substantially a continuation of the front lot line of the lot to its rear, said building shall not project beyond the front yard setback required on the lot in rear of such corner lot. In no instance shall an accessory building be located nearer than ten feet to a street right-of-way line.

Review Remove once Master Procedure is available.

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